December 22, 2014

Best Infusionsoft Reporting Feature of All!

I love the Infusionsoft homepage, it's easily the best reporting feature in the system.

InfusionWP Auto-Login: From Email

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Caution, do this in very few emails. This is passing the username and password to the page. You would write a username and password into an email but usually only just after the person has signed up. You don't want to make every link you send an auto-login link since the customer just might forward that email to a friend who could auto-login as them and possibly purchase something.

InfusionWP Auto-Login: From Webform

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InfusionWP Templates: My Account Page

Add this to your my account page when you're using InfusionWP.

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How to Use the Affiliate Templates

Follow along to create your own affiliate pages using our html affiliate template pages.

Affiliate Ledgers & Payments

Here's a video on how to use the Infusionsoft affiliate ledgers & make or manage payments.

Infusionsoft Affiliate Redirects

The setup & use of affiliate links or affiliate redirects within Infusionsoft, a video tutorial.

How to Setup Infusionsoft Order Forms: Other Options

Here are a few more options for setting up your order forms.

How to Setup Infusionsoft Order Forms: Merchant Account, Shipping & Other

Learn how to setup your merchant account, some shipping options and some other misc settings for your Infusionsoft order forms.

Follow Up Sequence “Cycler” (Advanced)

Emailing your customers too much? Learn how to use a cycler to put people into the followup sequences that they want to be in. At the same time, make sure you're not emailing too much and causing people to opt-out.