December 20, 2014

InfusionWP Quickstart – Start Here!

Welcome to the Quickstart Guide!

Hint: The video moves quick so you'll want two monitors if possible and you will pause it often while you follow along.

If you do this stuff in exact order you'll find that you end up with a complete multi-level membership website. A pretty spiffy one too actually. It is about a 2 hour exercise if you don't know what you're doing but it's worth it. You'll setup a bunch of stuff in Infusionsoft and in reality very little in WP or related to our plugin.

This guide assumes you've gotten the plugin installed and fully activated. Start with Infusionsoft Step 1.

Good luck! Have Fun!


These Should Be Done In Exact Order Starting With Infusionsoft Steps

Infusionsoft Setup Steps

Step 1 - Create Tags & Test Contacts

Step 2 - Create Products, Subscriptions & Triggers

Step 3 - Create Welcome Email & Sequence

Step 4 - Create Password Action Set

Step 5 - Create New Member Actions

Jump to Wordpress Step 1 Now

Do Infusionsoft Step 6 After Wordpress 1-5

Step 6 - Silver Triggers & Actions

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Wordpress Setup Steps

Step 1 - API, Memberships, Permalinks, Account, Login

Step 2 - Membership Choices, Free Registration Form & Page

Step 3 - Finish Choices Page, Make Shopping Links

Step 4 - Plugin Options, Silver Page, Modules & Excerpt

Step 5 - Gold & Platinum Excerpts, Add Silver Modules

Go to Infusionsoft Step 6 Now

Do Wordpress Step 6 After Infusionsoft Step 6

Step 6 - Member Redirects

Step 7 - Gold & Platinum Pages

Step 8 - Create Shortcode Stack for Your Sidebar