December 20, 2014

InfusionWP Quickstart – Infusionsoft Step 1

Create Your Membership Tags in Infusionsoft & Create Test User With Password for Each Membership Level. Helps you to test quickly as we go throughout the rest of the videos. You will also be running an import with the CSV file below this video.

Files Used in the Video

Tags Text

CSV File: Test Contacts

It's an expiring link so refresh the page if it doesn't work for you


These Should Be Done In Exact Order Starting With Infusionsoft Steps

Infusionsoft Setup Steps

Step 1 - Create Tags & Test Contacts

Step 2 - Create Products, Subscriptions & Triggers

Step 3 - Create Welcome Email & Sequence

Step 4 - Create Password Action Set

Step 5 - Create New Member Actions

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Do Infusionsoft Step 6 After Wordpress 1-5

Step 6 - Silver Triggers & Actions

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Wordpress Setup Steps

Step 1 - API, Memberships, Permalinks, Account, Login

Step 2 - Membership Choices, Free Registration Form & Page

Step 3 - Finish Choices Page, Make Shopping Links

Step 4 - Plugin Options, Silver Page, Modules & Excerpt

Step 5 - Gold & Platinum Excerpts, Add Silver Modules

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Do Wordpress Step 6 After Infusionsoft Step 6

Step 6 - Member Redirects

Step 7 - Gold & Platinum Pages

Step 8 - Create Shortcode Stack for Your Sidebar