December 21, 2014

Infusionsoft Quick Design Wizard

To learn more about the wizard, click here!

Preview & Download Sample Images

Download Big Header Image Download Small Header Image Download Right Side With Guarantee Download Perry Button Download Arrow Button Download Yellow Button

Generate Templates

Infusionsoft Application Name: (ie: techportal)
Header Image ID: (ie: 999)
Side Image ID:
Button Image ID:
Background Color:


  1. Debra Garrison says:

    Thanks, that makes things a lot easier.

  2. This is great and makes the order form way prettier.

    Interesting problem: If I try and enter any copy on the order form it breaks the form.

    The form won’t submit at all and I wind up having to re-paste in the header text

    any thoughts on how to enter a paragraph or two of copy in while still making the template work?

    • Hey Kevin,

      You need to NOT use the “Edit” button within Infusionsoft but instead edit the source. In order to make things look half-way decent in there I’m putting in some code and Infusionsoft’s editor (when you click edit) will remove the code I put in.

      Edit the code in source mode or take it out and edit it in some other editor but yes, Infusionsoft’s editor will ruin the code I’m inserting in there for you.