December 19, 2014

Custom i4w Shortcode – Select Default Values for Blank Infusionsoft Fields

The following video shows you how to pull data from Infusionsoft fields and to print default values if the data doesn't exist.



Here is an example of a shortcode with 2 sets of the square brackets "[" and the "]" stripped out.

i4w_m_default myid='' field='' default=''

i4w_m_default myid='i4w_db_Id' field='City' default='my-default-value'

You are selecting an Id to lookup, a field to pull and a default if that field is blank within Infusionsoft.


myid: the Id of the record in Infusionsoft you'd like to grab ie: i4w_db_Id or i4w_db_Referral_ContactId

field: the name of the date field in Infusionsoft you'd like to grab ie: _AffiliateWebsite3 or City

default: the default value you'd like to appear in case the field in Infusionsoft is universal value or No City

Download Shortcode

Click here to download the content of this shortcode