December 22, 2014

Custom i4w Shortcode – Print Custom Fields From a Referring Affiliate’s Record in Infusionsoft

The following video shows you how to pull data from Infusionsoft's referring affiate record. What this means is that if Johnny was the person who sent you to a site, you could see any of Johnny's custom fields using this shortcode.



Here is an example of a shortcode with 2 sets of the square brackets "[" and the "]" stripped out.

i4w_m_referral_custom id='i4w_db_Referral_ContactId' field=''

i4w_m_referral_custom id='i4w_db_Referral_ContactId' field='_MyCustomField'

The id is grabbing the ContactId of the referring affiliate and then the field decides which field from that referring affiliate's contact record should be pulled into the page.


field: the name of the date field in Infusionsoft you'd like to grab ie: _AffiliateWebsite3 or _AffiliateWebsite4

Download Shortcode

Click here to download the content of this shortcode